Massage Therapy in Aged Care Facilities

Taking Care Mobile Massage currently partners with two aged care facilities in Melbourne to provide regular twice weekly massages for their residents. These treatments are proving to be highly beneficial in alleviating pain and improving general well-being. One facility funds the massages through their extra services and the other, via ACFI funding under ‘pain management’. The residents look forward to their weekly visit and the interaction with the therapist. We work with each facility’s physiotherapist and lifestyle co-ordinators to tailor the massages to best suit the individual.

Massage therapy can play a crucial part in the overall well-being of the elderly. It has been proven to reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression as well as muscle pain and tension. If you want to know more about how Taking Care Mobile Massage can assist your aged care facility or loved one, please contact Sandra on 0412 814 894 .

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