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Find purpose, flexibility & meaning In Massage

It’s likely that you become a massage therapist because you love helping others experience the benefits of massage and the opportunities for human connection.

But being a massage therapist isn’t always easy.

It can wear you down to the point where you can start to lose your energy, positive mood and upbeat attitude, which your clients can notice.

So how do you stay connected with your deeper purpose? 

How do you create your career so that it continues to be personally meaningful and satisfying?

And how do you minimise the amount of time and energy spent on admin and marketing, so you can focus on doing what you do best – sharing the healing power of touch?

After speaking with hundreds of massage therapists about their struggles and what’s worked for them, we’ve put together a short e-book to help you create a meaningful massage career.


“I have some wonderful clients who always appreciate what I do for them. I always feel we are totally supported and help at hand from the support office. Nothing is ever a problem.

We are always felt appreciated, they care very much about their staff and clients.”

Susan Varney


“Just started working here at the start of Feb, and I feel like I’ve been a part of the team forever. Everyone here is very open, accepting and supportive and I already feel like a part of the team. Its a great workplace, and being able to have those little moments with the team and the clients really brightens up my day.

Communication is a strong point with the culture in the company and that shines!”

Alexander Scarff

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The Five Keys To A Meaningful Massage Career

In this guide you’ll learn how to create a meaningful massage career, without struggling for clients.

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