How to Find Massage Therapist Jobs

It can be daunting trying to figure out how to find the right massage therapist job for you. You’re looking for something that’s well-paid, but also meaningful. A job that gives you a sense of satisfaction and you leave work knowing you helped someone have a better day.

Your massage therapist job search doesn’t have to be incredibly overwhelming when you follow our three tips for finding the position of your dreams.

Top Tips for Finding A Job As A Massage Therapist

Whether you’re fresh out of school or a seasoned therapist, the ever-changing job market can make any job search tough. These tips can help you narrow your search to find the perfect position for you.

Tip #1: Find a Specialty

While there is nothing wrong with pursuing a career as a general massage therapist, it can make it harder to find the right position for you. Having a specialty, especially a specialty that is in high demand, can make the job searching process much easier.

You could specialise in sports massage, Reiki massage, medical massage, prenatal massage, among dozens of other specialties. Having a specialisation and focused training will not only help you find the right job, it will also make you stand out to employers. A specialisation shows that you are dedicated to your field and are on the lookout for ways to actively expand your education.

One specialty that is ripe with massage therapist jobs is elderly massage. The 65+ age demographic is growing significantly as people live longer lives. They require in-home services to help them stay well and remain in their own homes as long as possible. Coupled with the growing demand for Home Care Package services like therapeutic, remedial & myotherapy massage, the need for massage therapists with elderly massage skills is only growing.

A great way to specialise is to find online courses that cover the topics you are interested in. For example, our course, “Massage with Purpose,” is the premier course if you are interested in an elderly massage specialty.

Tip #2: Make a list of what you’re looking for in a massage therapist job

Taking the time to sit down and make a list of your wants and needs as you look for a massage therapist job will allow you to focus your search for jobs that meet those needs and, hopefully, more. For example, if you know you are more interested in a massage therapist job with a high degree of flexibility, you can focus your search on massage companies that allow you to set your own schedule rather than having to show up during specified business hours.

Being able to match your list of wants and needs with a company’s offer ensures that you are able to make a more informed decision when it comes to finding the right massage therapist job.

Tip #3: Volunteer your time and talents

A great way to interact with people who are doing the exact thing you want to do is to volunteer your time. There are lots of nonprofits, events, and charities that need volunteer massage therapists. If you are able to find one that matches up with a specialty you are interested in, it can be the perfect way to make contacts in the field who can help you with your search.

Marathons and triathlons are usually looking for massage therapists to help athletes recover after the big event. Hospices and palliative care facilities love to bring in massage therapists to help their residents and patients as they near the end of their life. Certain hospital departments will even bring in massage therapists as a treat for patients. Some basic research, and maybe a few phone calls, can help you find these opportunities to make a difference and make connections.

Join our Mobile Massage Team!

Our final, bonus tip for finding the perfect massage therapist job is to apply with us! We’re always looking for passionate, dedicated massage therapists in Victoria that can help us make a difference in the lives of our clients.

When you apply for a job with Taking Care Mobile Massage, we like to think you get more than a great massage therapist job. We think you get the chance to brighten the lives of many of Victoria’s citizens. Our clients may not be able to get out of the house and rely on our therapists to not only ease their pain, but their loneliness as well. They have wonderful stories to share and are always happy to see you.

We pride ourselves on offering rewarding careers for massage therapists with flexibility, regular clients, and industry-leading training. As we mentioned before, there is an ever-growing need for massage therapists who specialise in elderly massage. This is a need we are dedicated to filling but we need your help.

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