Caring for your older parents

Here at Taking Care Mobile Massage, we’ve had a growing number of enquiries from middle aged children  wanting to provide massages for their parents. Some of these children live overseas (New Zealand, USA or the UK) and some, in other states of Australia. They recognise the value of personal touch and connection for their mums and dads, whether they are still living independently or in an aged care facility. We’re proud to have been able to become that point of contact for them and to bring that much needed tactile therapy and social interaction to their loved ones.

The Australian population is living longer than ever and our mission is to help them live well wherever they are. Massage is a marvellous vehicle to facilitate this through gentle touch and a listening ear. We are in the privileged position of being a trusted service provider for many  children with ageing parents. We can help them by bringing respect, connection and wellbeing on a regular basis.

If you have older parents and struggle to be there for them as often as you’d like to, consider Taking Care Mobile Massage – we specialise in bringing care, community and calm to the over 65s wherever they are across Melbourne.

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Since 2004, our mission has been to provide in-home massage care to senior Australians.

We know that a regular massage can help improve a person’s quality of life and this positive impact is why we do what we do.

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