Benefits Of Massage For Elderly People

As we age, our bodies start to slow down and we experience more pain and stiffness. Keeping active may not always be possible but if you can keep active to a certain extent, it can be beneficial to your health.

Regular exercise along with regular massages can help to improve mobility, flexibility and even your mental health.

Massage therapy for seniors can be a very effective way to help alleviate some of the symptoms of many age related conditions, especially when it is used in conjunction with traditional medical services.

When seniors receive regular massage it can improve their quality of life, increase energy levels and help them feel younger and healthier overall.

Massage therapy can offer numerous benefits to their entire body.

It helps ease joint and muscle pain, along with reducing the increased levels of stress that can come with ageing.

There is a proven effect on the nervous system and blood circulation, these two are the most vulnerable systems of the body, that feel the effects of ageing. Studies have proven the positive effects of message for people with osteoarthritis, to relieve stiffness and pain and improve physical function.

People have reported sleeping better and longer after a massage, which in turn helps with improving there overall health.

Massage has also been known to help with depression and decrease cortisol, known as the stress hormone in the body. Massage allows the body to enter the rest and rejuvenation period.

Seniors who receive regular massages tend to heal quicker from injuries due to the increased blood flow and relieving muscle tension and stress.

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